How Do They Package Pasta?

How do they package pasta? Depending on the type of pasta and the types of pasta packaging, different methods are required to complete the packaging.

how do they package pasta
  1. Long cut pasta

Like this long pasta, it is usually packaged in a weighed, pillow-shaped bag. It is completed by specialized pasta horizontal weighing and packaging equipment. After the pasta is weighed by the weighing device, it enters the packaging device, and then passes through the film, seals, and cuts to complete the packaging process.

  • Features:
  • The weighing part adopts the secondary measurement method of electromagnetic vibration to provide material and flow control, which is more accurate.
  • Compact structure, small footprint, suitable for assembly line packaging operations, and also suitable for single-unit operations. One person, one machine, easy to operate.
  • PLC control, stable performance, convenient and quick maintenance.

2. Macaroni

There are also many types of this macaroni, but they are all short, usually using a vertical weighing packer.

The macaroni falls into the cross-cutting hopper of the combination scale through the elevator, and is vibrated by the vibrating machine, so that the macaroni is evenly distributed on the conical funnel into the linear feeder pan. When the material in the cross-cutting bucket is insufficient, it will be detected by the horizontal photoelectric detector, and a signal will be sent to the main board, and then a feeding signal will be sent to the conveyor through the main board to feed. The material is vibrated by the linear feeder, and the product is sent to each buffer hopper by the amplitude and vibration time. Then the driving equipment works, opening the buffer hopper to send the macaroni into the weighing hopper. In the weighing hopper, the macaroni generates a weight signal through the sensor, and then transmits it to the main board of the control device through the lead. A combined weighing hopper with a weight close to the target weight is released, and when the CPU receives the allowable discharge signal from the packaging machine, it sends an order to start the driver to open the collecting hopper to unload the product to the packaging machine, and send a packaging signal to the packaging machine.

3. Shell pasta

This type of pasta gets its name because it looks like a shell, and because it is granulated, it can also be packaged in a vertical packaging machine. The packaging process is the same as the packaging macaroni packing process.

There are many more types of pasta, tell us which type of pasta you want to pack and we will recommend the right machine for you.

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