Sold Bread Packaging Machine to Nigeria

A Nigeria customer ordered a bread packaging machine in our company, who will use this machine to pack different types of bread, including small cake, croissant, etc.

Because this Nigerian customer packs many types of bread, we recommended the servo model to him. This model can automatically identify the product length and seal automatically without adjusting parameters.

bread packaging machine nigeria

Servo packaging machine is a continuous packaging machine with strong packaging capacity and suitable for various standards. Based on ordinary bread packaging machines, it has better performance, more complete functions, and more convenient and safer operation.


  • Precision: Realize closed-loop control of position and speed; overcome the problem of stepper motor out-of-step.
  • Rotating speed: Good high-speed performance, generally rated speed can reach 2000 ~ 3000 rpm.
  • Adaptability: Strong overload resistance, can withstand three times the rated torque load, It is especially suitable for occasions with instantaneous load fluctuation and fast starting.
  • Cutting material reversed: During the operation of the packaging machine, the cutting knife of the product is reversed, and the reversal stops and automatically adjusts to continue packaging. The advantage of cutting material reversal is that the safety factor is high, which can not only ensure the safety of employees, but also protect the product from being cut and reduce product loss.
  • Automatic shutdown when there is no packaging film: The unpacked film automatically stops and alarms, saving 10 minutes of film changing time each time.
  • The infinite extension of the packaging length is a unique feature of the servo packaging machine. The packaging width is adjustable within a certain range, but the packaging length can be unlimited. This function is one of the important reasons why many users choose servos.
  • Since the accuracy of each step is 3%-5%, moreover, the error of one step will not be accumulated to the next step, so it has better position accuracy and motion repeatability.

Compared with the stepping model, the servo model has more significant advantages, which is why we recommend customers to choose the servo model. But the servo model is more expensive than the stepping model, and customers need to choose according to the actual production needs and budget.

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