Noodles Packaging Material

The noodles packaging material depends on the type of packaging, and the packaging materials for bagged noodles and bowl noodles are different.

noodles packaging material

Bagged noodles:

There are actually many types of instant noodle packaging bags. The simplest is single-layer PE/BOPP. For good sealing, composite aluminized film can be used. Now most of the latter are used. There are currently two main structures on the market: 1. BOPP/CPP, 2. BOPP/VMCPP. Some manufacturers will use PET instead of BOPP.

Bowl noodles:

Layered structure material of instant noodle bowl:

  • The inner plastic film, generally polyethylene (PE) material

The innermost layer of the instant noodle bowl (that is, the inner wall of the paper barrel that is in direct contact with the food) is a layer of plastic film covered on the cardboard, which is generally made of food-grade polyethylene (PE).

  • Food grade white cardboard

The second layer is food-grade white cardboard, which is the inner layer of what the company calls “direct food contact”.

  • Gray cardboard

That is, the inner surface of the outer layer of the instant noodle bowl

  • Outer printing paper

The outermost layer of printing paper is attached to the outer layer of the gray cardboard.

  • Varnish

The outermost layer of the instant noodle bowl is generally bright, because the company has applied a layer of varnish to the ink surface of the printing paper. After the varnish is applied to the surface of the object, a coating film with protective, decorative and special properties is formed. The varnish on the outermost layer of the instant noodle bowl is mainly to avoid direct contact between the ink and the human body.

  • Instant noodle bowl outer packaging film

On the outermost layer of the instant noodle bowl, there is generally a layer of plastic film on which the batch number and production date of the product are generally printed. This layer of plastic film mainly protects the product packaging.

Of course, the noodles packaging materials used by different manufacturers are not exactly the same, but this does not affect the choice of instant noodle packaging machines. The packaging machine does not have very high requirements for packaging materials, and it can be heat-sealed.

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