Sold Pasta Packaging Machine to Italy

Pasta packaging machine is a very professional equipment, it is specially designed for pasta packaging. A customer from Italy ordered a set of packaging machine for his noodle factory.

The set of equipment includes three sets of weighing machines and a horizontal packing machine. Automate the weighing and packaging process, which can effectively help the Italy customer improve the production efficiency of the factory.

This machine can be used for the packaging of pasta with a length of 180mm to 260mm. The machine completes the whole process of pasta packaging through the steps of weighing, lifting, feeding, sorting, grouping, feeding, wrapping, sealing and cutting.

pasta packaging machine italy


  1. The connection adopts centralized electrical control, intelligent acceleration and deceleration, and human-computer interaction is more reasonable.
  2. Each packing line only needs 2 to 4 people on duty, and the daily packaging is 15 to 40 tons, which is equivalent to the daily packaging volume of about 30 people.
  3. Select well-known brand electrical components, host frequency conversion speed regulation, servo motor control sorting, grouping and conveying of packaging film, with anti-cut, anti-air bag function.
  4. Precise counting, good compatibility, packaging of different gram weights, equipped with protective devices, high safety.
  5. Different models can be matched according to the production capacity of the factory.

Use environment requirements:

  1. Venue requirements: Indoor use, the ground is flat, no vibration and bumps.
  2. Ground requirements: For hard non-conductive floors or floors (such as concrete, etc.)
  3. Ambient temperature: -5~40℃
  4. Relative humidity: <75%RH
  5. Dust: No conductive dust
  6. Gas: No flammable and explosive objects and gases, no corrosive gases that seriously damage metals.
  7. Altitude: ≤1000m
  8. Grounding requirements: Independent, safe and reliable grounding environment.
  9. Power grid requirements: there is a stable power grid, and the grid fluctuation range does not exceed ±10%.

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