What Type of Packaging Is Used for Bread?

What type of packaging is used for bread? There are many packaging methods, including bagged, boxed, and bundled. Different packaging methods require different packaging machines to complete.

what type of packaging is used for bread

For example, bagged bread is usually packaged using a pillow-type bread packaging machine, while boxed bread is usually packaged using a cartoning machine or manually. Each packaging method has its own advantages, such as bagging:

Usually polyethylene film is used as packaging material, it can effectively isolate oxygen and prolong the shelf life. It can also be filled with nitrogen gas in the packaging bag to prevent the bread from oxidizing. And it can reduce the collision during transportation and prevent the bread from being damaged.

In addition to the difference in packaging methods, there are also differences in packaging materials.

The commonly used packaging materials for bread are divided into paper and plastic. Papers include oil-resistant paper, wax paper, etc.; plastics include cellulose film, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. The suitable relative humidity of the bread packaging environment is preferably 75%-80%, because excessive drying will cause the film to shrink. The best temperature is 22-26 degrees, because the high temperature will cause adhesion and affect the transportation of packaging materials.

Of course, as people’s requirements for food quality are getting higher and higher, it has also caused manufacturers to pay more attention to production and packaging processes. Many customers contact us and ask us to provide them with customized packaging solutions. If you need it too, you can leave us a message.

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