What Is Candy Packaging Machine?

What is candy packaging machine? The candy packaging machine is a kind of equipment for packing candies quickly in batches. It is frequently used in confectionery manufacturers. Because of its convenient operation and fast packaging, it is widely used. Candy is a common snack food in life. With the continuous development of the modern candy industry, candy packaging has also become diverse. But do you know how it works and what types are there?

1.How does a candy packaging machine work?

  • Power is generated by the operation of a variable frequency motor.
  • Then drive the toothed chain continuously variable transmission through the belt to rotate.
  • Through the speed regulation of the speed change chain in the gearbox, the running speed is constantly changed, and is transmitted to the planetary differential mechanism by the synchronous belt.
  • To adjust the conveying length of the packaging film, the output shaft of the gearbox drives the packaging film pressing roller to rotate and convey the packaging film through the chain drive.
  • The setting of the output length of the packaging film can be performed manually on the toothed chain governor.
  • And in the packaging process, it is monitored by photoelectric tracking color code. At the same time, the gearbox is also driven by multiple sets of chains.
  • Movement of conveyor belt, film pulling wheel, pressing wheel, horizontal sealing knife and finished product conveyor belt.
what is candy packaging machine

2.What are the types of candy packaging machines?

There are many types of this machine, according to the type of candy and packaging method, it can be divided into:

Weighing packaging machine, quantitative packaging Machine, pillow type packaging machine; packaging line can also be customized according to the customer’s packaging requirements.

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