How Much Does A Flow Wrap Machine Cost?

What is a flow wrapping machine? This is a horizontally running packaging equipment. Can be used to package a variety of food and non-food products. It adopts the cut-and-go method, with high-sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, and will not seal and cut empty bags or beveled. It adopts dual frequency converter control, which saves time and film. HMI is used in operation, and there is an automatic diagnosis function. Because the control system of the machine is realized by advanced digital controllable software, it is convenient for technicians to adjust the function of the machine and improve the packaging technology and method in time.

flow wrapping machine cost

How much does a flow wrap machine cost?

The single flow wrap machine cost produced by our company is between $7000-$15000. However, the costs of machines produced by different manufacturers are different. Why?

1. Work capacity

In general, the larger the capacity of the machine, the higher the cost. We all know that this is fully automated packaging equipment, and its high work production capacity is an obvious feature of it. In the same situation, the more products a machine can pack per minute, the better the performance of the machine, the stronger the manufacturer, the stronger the manufacturer’s technology, and the higher the cost.

2.Machine configuration

Different manufacturers use different software and hardware configurations. Some manufacturers use common brands, and some manufacturers use well-known brands, which causes differences in production costs.

3.After-sale service

A packaging machine is a machine with a very complex internal structure. If the machine fails during the entire operation, it will delay production and cause losses. How to reduce losses is closely related to after-sales service. But some companies do not provide after-sales service, so their overall cost will be lower.

Although each customer has his own purchasing budget, the cost is not the only criterion for you to choose a machine, it must be considered from a comprehensive perspective.

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