What Is A Horizontal Flow Wrapper?

What is a horizontal flow wrapper? Named for its horizontal completion of the packaging process. Horizontal flow wrappers perform three tasks in one fluid, making bag, filling bag and the finished product is sealed and discharged. The packaging is protective, consistent, and professional looking, all while maintaining speed.

Materials can be placed manually or automatically on an infeed conveyor that conveys the product to the bag forming machine. The single-layer packaging material is fed into the machine, which guides the material into a tube around the product. After the product has passed through the former, the two edges of the packaging material are joined together under the center of the product. The joined edges of the material are then sealed together with longitudinal fins or lap seals. After the longitudinal seal is formed, the product is conveyed through the rotating sealing/cutting jaws. As the cutting head rotates, it simultaneously seals and cuts the front of one package and the rear of the other. The finished packaging is then discharged from the sealing area via a conveyor belt. The unloading conveyor takes the finished product away from the sealing and cutting area, so as to cooperate with other packaging equipment to complete the secondary packaging.

horizontal flow wrapper

Horizontal flow wrapper are the first choice from small businesses to large companies with high speed requirements. It provides optimum sealing, wrapping and packaging for a variety of applications, including difficult-to-handle products.

This packaging machines are suitable for packaging in many sizes and materials. This gives you the flexibility to use the same packaging line to pack various products. This increases your company’s profitability and allows you to meet more challenging packaging requirements without sacrificing efficiency. The machine can be used in a variety of industries, including:

  • Frozen product
  • Snack
  • Baked goods
  • Cheese and dairy
  • Pet and animal food

Whatever you need to pack, we can customize a packing solution to meet your needs.

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