Flow Wrap Packaging Material

Flow wrap packaging machines are very popular because of their wide range of applications and their suitability for different types of packaging material. But what are the common types of flow wrap packaging materials?

flow wrap packaging material

Composite packaging film:

The composite packaging film is composed of multi-layer films (generally divided into aluminum-plastic composite and plastic-plastic composite). Generally divided into two layers, three layers, four layers, five layers and so on. Different structures have different melting points, so we will advise customers to provide the composite film to be used so that we can adjust the suitable temperature on the packaging machine. Aluminum-plastic composite film is widely used in food packaging.

PE packaging film (polyethylene film):

The PE film is softer than the composite film, and the requirements for the packaging machine are relatively high. It is generally necessary to install a special PE film device on the packaging machine. PE packaging film is generally used in the packaging of plastic accessories and building materials accessories.

Non-woven packaging:

In addition to plastic film, our packaging machine can also use non-woven film, which is usually used for packaging materials such as medicinal materials. It can be done with ordinary sealing devices.

Water soluble film (PVA):

The application of water-soluble film on flow wrap packaging machines is not much, but occasionally customers ask whether this packaging film can be packaged on this packaging machine. First of all, water-soluble film, as the name suggests, is a packaging film that can be dissolved in water, which can be anti-static and degradable. It is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material. Water-soluble films are currently mostly used in pesticides, medical washing bags and other packaging. The requirements for the machine are also very high. If the debugging is not good, it is easy to cause problems such as wrinkles and breaking.

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