Sold Cookies Packaging Machine to Malaysia

A Malaysia customer ordered a cookies packaging machine for their chain dessert shop. Because of their big cookie size, we made a custom bag maker for them. Their daily output is small, so we recommend using manual feeding instead of automatic feeding device, which can reduce the purchase cost.

This packaging machine can not only pack cookies but also can be used to pack bread, croissants, donuts, etc., with a wide range of applications. Loved by dessert shops.

cookies packaging machine malaysia


  • The machine is controlled by two sets of servo motor mechanisms to complete the packaging action, which satisfies the synchronization of feeding, pushing, film feeding, sealing and cutting speed, and can realize intelligent adjustment.
  • It is convenient for product replacement and realizes multiple uses of one machine, which greatly saves adjustment time and saves enterprise investment.
  • Adjustable touch screen panel, easy to operate. The packaging parameters can be stored and retrieved, and when changing products, only the corresponding parameters can be retrieved for packaging.
  • The new vertical sealing heating structure can meet the good sealing of vertical sealing at lower temperature during high-speed packaging. When the machine is stopped, the heat sealing wheel is automatically opened, which effectively avoids the packaging film from being scalded.

The Malaysia customer packs the cookies and delivers them to various stores for sale every day. Depending on the sales, they will adjust the packaging. Sometimes a single pack, sometimes two packs, or more. Regardless of the adjustment, the packaging can be done on the same machine. Fully reflects the versatility of the machine.

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