What Is Flow Wrap Packaging?

Flow wrap packaging is a very common packaging method, but do you know what is flow wrap packaging?

The flow wrap packaging is named because its packaging method is horizontal, and the packaging finished bag is similar to a pillow. And because of its advantages, it is widely used.

Flow wrap packaging


1. Wide applicability

Applicable product diversity, including food, medicine, daily necessities, hardware supplies, toys, etc. The length of the packaging bag can be adjusted arbitrarily, one machine is multi-purpose, and the applicability is very wide.

2. Easy to operate

Intelligent color touch screen, more intuitive parameter display, man-machine interface, more convenient to modify parameters, convenient for staff operation and mechanical maintenance.

3. High degree of automation

The packaging line can be customized according to the requirements of the enterprise. Feeding, forming, filling and sealing are all completed on one machine. It can be equipped with date printer, inflation device, automatic film splicing device, fully automatic operation, fast speed and high efficiency.

4. The control system is more stable

Using an independent temperature control system, it can be applied to various packaging materials. Siemens control elements, optical fiber electric eye, more stable mechanical properties, more accurate detection, more beautiful sealing effect.

5. Automatic detection device

Automatic alarm in case of failure, empty package, automatic shutdown to pick out, will not be sealed and cut, to avoid the waste of packaging film.

6. Fast and efficient packaging

The average speed per minute can reach 200 packs /min, which greatly improves the output and production technology of the enterprise. The quality of the product has also been improved, and the labor cost and operating cost of the enterprise have been reduced.

7. All software controlled

All systems are controlled by software, which can adjust functions and upgrade technologies in a timely manner according to the needs of the market.

We think this video can help you better understand the flow wrap packaging.

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