New Trends in Food Packaging

With the continuous development of economy and technology, the competitiveness of the food packaging industry has been continuously improved, the scale of the industry has continued to expand, and the enterprise has developed rapidly. The growing demand for packaged food along with the increasing population and rapid development of retail infrastructure has contributed to the expansion of the packaging market.

1.Definition and classification of food packaging

Food packaging is an important part of food, which has the characteristics of protecting food from external biological, chemical and physical factors and maintaining stable food quality. According to the difference of food packaging materials, food packaging can be divided into traditional food packaging and new food packaging.

2.Analysis of the development status of the food packaging industry

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s economic level and the steady growth of per capita disposable income, the consumption demand for food and beverages has continued to expand. The rapid development of the food industry has driven the development of the food packaging industry, and the market demand has shown a growing trend.

3. Analysis of new trends in food packaging industry

A: “High-value” packaging is more popular

With the entry of more young consumers, the pattern of the consumer market has changed. On the one hand, there are significant differences in the appeals of young consumers to product functions and appearance. Customized and co-branded packaging have become the first choice for many food innovations.

On the other hand, young consumer groups are significantly more accepting of online consumption, and compared with traditional retail formats, e-commerce has higher requirements for packaging standardization and durability.

B: Intelligent packaging

Flexible packaging and smart packaging are two new types of packaging. They can enable food packaging with functional properties not available in traditional packaging. And to meet consumers’ requirements for food quality and safety, this is a new concept of food packaging design in the future, and it is also the development trend of food packaging.

C: Diversified packaging materials

In recent years, in order to improve food safety and reduce environmental pollution, the use of natural polymer materials as raw materials to prepare environmentally friendly and biodegradable new packaging materials has attracted more and more attention. Dedicated food packaging machines are also developing in the direction of good dynamic accuracy and high degree of automation to meet the ever-increasing production needs.

As a manufacturer dedicated to providing automatic food packaging machinery, we will continue to adjust and upgrade packaging equipment according to the development trend of food packaging to meet the needs of modern food packaging.

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