Sold Pillow Pack Machine to Malaysia

Last week, we sold a pillow pack machine to Malaysia, which will use this machine to pack biscuits without a tray.

This packing machine is customized according to the packaging requirements of Malaysian customers, with a counting function, and it can pack a fixed number of biscuits into a bag without a tray. This is automatic packaging equipment, which effectively ensures the cleanliness of the packaging environment, and is very suitable for the packaging of biscuits and other foods.

pillow pack machine malaysia


  1. The overall design is standardized and integrated. One machine can complete the packaging of different types of products, and only need to replace different molds according to different product sizes.
  2. Running with high precision. Precision machining actuators such as AC servo motor and computer control (NC), programmable logic controller (PLC) are selected to manipulate various shapes, so that the precision of the packaging bag made by the whole machine is improved.
  3. Intelligent system. When purchasing well-known brand spare parts, you can track and adjust various parameters of the equipment according to the fully intelligent control table and touch the single system on the display screen.
  4. Energy saving, high efficiency, and function adjustment and technical improvement can be carried out according to the needs of different markets. Because it is controlled as a whole by software, it not only retains the advantages but also keeps pace with the times.

We are very grateful to our Malaysian customers for their trust in us, believing that this machine can help his factory to improve production efficiency and gain more profits.

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