How Do You Package Crackers?

How do you package crackers? For crackers factories, they use professional cracker packing machines to do this job. But for different cookie types and packaging, different equipment is required to do it. There are two kinds of more popular equipment, one is flow pack machine and the other is vertical packing machine.

How do you package crackers

1. Flow pack

This is the effect of the packaging method so that the crackers are arranged neatly and regularly, and the packaging is carried out by measuring the number of crackers.

The machine is connected to the front-end production line or manual feeding to realize fully automatic packaging. The disc is divided by the inner and outer turntables through the principle of centrifugal force and has certain storage and buffering function. Conducive to the continuous and smooth operation of the cracker sorting line. When the output is large, the front end of the disc can also be connected to the distribution conveyor. The difference between the simple side split and the straight split is that it is faster and more efficient. But the crackers are required to have certain hardness and a more regular shape. Reduce manual intervention, prevent food contamination, and reduce labor and logistics costs.

2.Vertical packaging

In this packaging method, the crackers are irregular, and the packaging is completed by measuring the weight.

Because there are many kinds of crackers, and the shapes are different and fragile, we recommend the multi-head weighing machine. It usually utilizes different scales to measure the exact weight of the crackers. After the product is fed into the top of the multi-head combination scale, the dispersion system in the scale starts to work. The system will distribute crackers. With the help of linear feeder plates, different linear feeders feed some crackers into the feed hopper. Once the crackers are transferred to the hopper, the load cells will start to calculate the weight of the product in the weighing hopper and the processor in the multi-head scale will calculate the best combination of available weights needed to achieve the desired target weight.

Different manufacturers have different packaging requirements for crackers, and we will customize a packaging solution suitable for you according to your packaging requirements.

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