What Is Servo System In Packaging Machines?

What are servo motors used for? Servo motors are electronic devices and rotary or linear actuators that precisely rotate and push parts of a machine. Servo systems are mainly used for angular or linear positions and specific velocities and accelerations.

What is servo system in packaging machines?

We know that the servo flow packaging machine is a horizontal three-side sealing packaging equipment that automatically completes the processes of bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, and finished product exclusion. It can realize the packaging of automatic production lines in food, daily chemical and other industries. The suitable packaging materials are generally block and granular items. For example: instant noodles, bread, paper towels, etc. The form of packaging finished products includes single-piece packaging, collective packaging, packaging with trays, and  packaging without trays.

The machine can be divided into single frequency conversion, double frequency conversion, single frequency conversion + single servo, double servo, triple servo and other types according to the transmission mechanism. Common types are single frequency conversion + single servo, double servo two. The transmission mechanism is composed of a film feeding motor and a spindle motor. The spindle motor of the single-servo machine is a frequency converter, and the double-servo spindle motor is also a servo. But the two models have similarities in how they work.

When the machine is working normally, both the spindle motor and the die motor work continuously. The horizontal sealing mechanism completes the packaging of one material every one rotation, and the film motor should just send the film to the fixed-length or color-coded position when it completes one rotation. The actions of these two axes are coordinated by the controller with PLC as the core, which is also the key and difficult point of the whole packaging machine.

Compared with the frequency conversion motor, the application of the servo motor has the following advantages:

  • Precision: The closed-loop control of position, speed and torque is realized.
  • Rotating speed: Good high-speed performance, generally rated speed can reach 2000 ~ 3000 rpm.
  • Adaptability: It has strong anti-overload capability and can bear three times the rated torque load, which is especially suitable for occasions with instantaneous load fluctuations and fast start-up requirements.

Of course, servo motors are more expensive than inverter motors, so customers can choose according to their actual needs and budget.

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