How To Pack Vegetables for Sale?

How to pack vegetables for sale? This question is very important for many vegetable processors, which directly affects the storage, transportation and sales of vegetables. Good packaging can prolong storage time and reduce the rate of breakage during transportation.

So how to pack vegetables? There are many ways to pack vegetables, here we introduce one of them, the pillow type packing method.

pack vegetable

The vegetable packaging machine is designed according to the characteristics of vegetables, which can effectively prevent the vegetables from being damaged during the packaging process. Can be used for celery, lettuce, coriander, radish and other leafy and stem vegetables.

It is fully automatic bag-making and packaging, printing production date, fresh-keeping, high-speed packaging, and fast shipping; it reduces contact with people, is cleaner and hygienic, and makes product packaging more high-grade. Maintain high transparency, excellent shelfability and display, and maintain high strength without affecting transportation, storage and use. There are already many large agricultural products companies purchasing and using.


  • Save labor.
  • The packaging is fast and stable.
  • The packaging is beautiful, and the grade of vegetable products is improved. It belongs to the fresh-keeping packaging of vegetables.
  • The machine has European CE standard, low failure rate and stable performance.
  • It can complete positioning, sealing and cutting in one piece, and can realize high-speed, unmanned automatic operation.

If you encounter problems in the vegetable packaging process, contact us.

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