Eco Friendly Vegetable Packaging Machine- Veg Packing Machine

Model CK-ZS600X
Bag width 50-280mm
Product height Max 80mm
packing speed 40-230bags/min
Machine size 4020*1000*1470mm
Weight 1050kg

The vegetable packaging machine we manufacture is a kind of pillow pack machine, specifically designed to package whole vegetables. Such as tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, lettuce, etc. We can customize the packing solution according to your requirements to suit your budget, productivity and plant layout.

The veg packing machine is especially suitable for the packaging of leafy vegetables. Advanced length sensing technology ensures accurate and fast packaging. The product uses a variety of advanced technologies to reduce packaging errors and ensure the freshness of vegetables on the shelf.

Vegetable Packaging Machine Features:

  • Especially suitable for leafy vegetables: Good at packing vegetables, especially leafy vegetables. The equipment uses a number of technologies to keep vegetables from being damaged, providing your customers with a fresh and beautiful product.
  • Automatic length measurement to prevent vegetable leaves from being caught: Automatic length measurement to ensure that vegetables are properly packaged, and has an anti-pinch function to avoid trapping leaves at the seal. Cut protection also prevents vegetables from being cut, ensuring consistent packaging quality.
  • Fast and even packaging: Using advanced length sensing technology to ensure accurate and fast packaging. Packing leafy vegetables, root vegetables and fruits at speeds of up to 10-60 packs per minute (26 meters per minute of film).
  • High reliability of hardware: The dual-roller heating system and reciprocating cutter, as well as the enlarged perforation device, keep the ventilation and vegetables fresh.

Veg table packing machine

Why Do We Suggest the Veg Packing Machine to You?

  1. The hygiene of vegetables can be guaranteed, according to the Sanitation Law, manual packaging is unhygienic because it will contaminate the vegetables. Mechanical packaging prevents direct contact with the product by hand and ensures hygienic quality.
  2. It can reduce packaging costs and save storage and logistics costs of bulk goods.
  3. It can further improve labor efficiency, and machine packaging is much faster than manual packaging, improving work efficiency dozens of times. The vegetable packaging machine can pack products according to the requirements of the packaging project, and can obtain the same packaging specifications. Conducive to the standardization of packaging.

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