Packaging Lettuce for Farmers Market

Lettuce is a very popular leafy vegetable that is usually packaged and sold at farmers’ markets or supermarkets. There are many ways of packaging, some are packaged with whole vegetables, and some are packaged after chopped. Different packaging methods require different equipment to complete. Here we will talk about one way of packaging– pillow bag packaging lettuce for farmers market.

This packaging method mainly uses a pillow type vegetable packaging machine.

packaging lettuce for farmers market
  1. It is suitable for packing all kinds of vegetables. The key parts of the machine are made of 304 stainless steel, which conforms to food QS and pharmaceutical GMP hygiene standards. 12-20 round holes can be used for exhaust.
  2. The three-servo control machinery is more intelligent, and ordinary employees can be familiar with the operation method of the machine in a short time.
  3. The function of air-proof bag can realize material packaging without downtime, save packaging film and improve packaging efficiency.
  4. No need to adjust the material position, enter the bag length directly on the screen. The position of the sealing material is automatically corrected.
  5. The memory function of packaging materials realizes the automatic storage of packaging parameters of multi-specification materials, and the packaging products can be replaced without adjustment.
  6. The anti-cut function reduces material damage, protects the knife holder from damage, and meets the standard requirements for air tightness of packaging seals.
  7. The length of the packaging bag can be changed without adjusting the cutting speed, and it can be used directly, which is convenient and simple.
  8. The three-servo packaging machine has a powerful expansion function, which can be more easily matched with other production equipment to form an automatic production line.
  9. The mature three-servo control technology, with overload protection, leakage protection, fault alarm and other safety devices, ensures the safety and service life of the machine.

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