What Is the Best Packaging Materials Suited for Bakery Products?

Why are bakery products packaged for sale?

1. Delay food aging

Starch-aged foods are hard and dry, and crumbs are prone to fall off when slicing. However, the packaged product can delay the aging effect, the reason is that the food is stored in a relatively constant humidity state, and it is not easy to lose water. Delay the water phase separation of starch colloids, and colloid water loss is an important reason for aging.

2.Prevent contamination and mildew

Packaged products can prevent infection from contact with air, containers, hands, and prolong shelf life.

3.Prevent breakage

Food not only has the possibility of contamination during storage, transportation and sales, but also has the ills of breakage and mutilation. It is more likely to occur especially for products with a softer texture or surface sprayed slurries. After packaging, it can avoid mutual friction and breakage, and can also play a role in shock absorption, prevent collision and maintain the integrity of the product.

What packaging materials suited for bakery products?

Commonly used packaging materials are divided into paper and plastic. Papers include oil-resistant paper, wax paper, etc. Plastics include nitrocellulose film, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. There are also many ways of packaging, which are divided into folding packaging, shrink packaging, bag packaging and so on according to the packaging form. Most plastic packaging materials can be packed using a bakery food packaging machine.

bakery products packaging materials

What is the best packaging materials suited for bakery products? In recent years, with the continuous development of recyclable and green environmental protection concepts, more and more paper packaging materials are used. Paper packaging offers a range of unique benefits: Good processing performance; good printing performance; good hygiene and safety; wide source of raw materials; easy to form mass production. It has certain mechanical properties, which is convenient for composite processing; various varieties; low cost; light weight; easy to transport; waste can be recycled.

Although plastic packaging is an important symbol of the development of modern technology, it has abundant raw material sources, low cost and excellent performance, the use of plastic packaging materials for food packaging has obvious disadvantages. There are some health and safety issues and environmental pollution from packaging waste.

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