What Are the Packaging Materials for Cookies?

Today, the cookies industry continues to develop, and its market competitiveness is growing. There are a variety of cookies packaging types on the market, and the differences of these types are mainly reflected in cookies packaging materials, which are determined by cookies packaging materials.

But what are the packaging materials for cookies?

There are four common types of cookies packaging: plastic film sealing packaging, wax paper wrapping, carton packaging and iron can packaging.

packaging materails for cookies

1. Plastic film sealed packaging

Plastic film sealing packaging mainly uses plastic materials. Due to the irreplaceable advantages of plastic packaging materials in terms of performance, price and freight, more and more traditional packaging materials are replaced by plastic packaging. Plastic film is a good moisture-proof packaging material, which is most used in cookies packaging. There are two main forms: one is bulk sealed packaging, and the other is neatly arranged wrapping.

Characteristics of plastic packaging: Plastic sealing, good barrier properties, light plastic, easy to form, simple packaging, easy to sell.

2. Wax paper wrap

Waxed paper wrap is a convenient form of cookie packaging, as long as the cookies are measured and arranged neatly, wrapped with wax paper to seal. This method is shading, moisture-proof and low-cost.

3. Paper carton packing

The carton packaging has various forms such as square, rectangle, round, special-shaped and so on. The packaging materials are mostly whiteboard paper, glue board paper, etc. When packaging in a carton, first wrap the cookies with film as the inner packaging, and wrap the cookies with wax paper or film outside the carton.

Paper is the cheapest, dissolves easily, and doesn’t break easily. In addition, paper products are prone to decay, which can not only recycle recycled paper or be used as plant fertilizer, but also reduce air pollution. cookies are packaged with paper material, which has good packaging strength, certain compression resistance, beautiful appearance, strong commodity properties, good printing adaptability and adhesion performance.

4. Iron tin packaging

Iron tin packaging is a box made of color-printed tinplate. Iron tin are available in square, rectangular, cylindrical, oval, special-shaped and other types. When packing, the inside of the tin is made of plastic into various groove-shaped film trays, which are light, beautiful, and the cookies are neatly arranged and not easily broken. This kind of packaging has the best airtightness, high packaging strength, bright appearance, generous appearance, excellent shading, durable but requires a lot of space for storage. Therefore tins and boxes are only used for large or expensive varieties and gift packaging.

The above are the commonly used packaging materials and packaging forms for cookie packaging. Of course, there are also some custom packaging materials, which is not listed here. If you are interested, you can contact us.

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