How Biscuits Are Packed?

How biscuits are packed? I think this video clearly explains the biscuits packaging process.

The machine in the video we call pillow pack machine is a commonly used equipment for primary packaging of biscuits.

Working principle:

Driven by the infinitely variable speed motor, the toothed chain continuously variable gearbox is driven to rotate through the V-belt, and the gearbox obtains different running speeds according to the speed change of the speed regulating transmission chain. Then, the synchronous belt drives the planetary differential organization to adjust the length of the film, and the output shaft of the transmission drives the film feeding shaft to rotate and transport the film through the chain drive.

Monitoring is carried out in the packaging by an optically tracked color mark. The transmission is based on multiple sets of chain drives to complete the packaging of the biscuits. Realize the coordinated operation of conveying belt, film pulling wheel, pressing wheel, horizontal sealing knife and finished product conveying belt.

The packaging film is installed on the film feeding shaft, and the biscuits are placed in the feeder(Irregular biscuits need to be manually fed), the conveyor belt automatically transports the biscuits to the packaging site, where they are packaged in film. It is heated and pressed into shape, sent to the horizontal sealing cutting knife for hot-melt horizontal sealing, and then disconnected. The finished product is then output by the conveyor belt.

Advantages of machine-packed biscuit:

  1. Significantly increase labor productivity. More products can be produced per unit time, and the input of each labor force can create higher output value, and laborers can be freed from routine manual labor to engage in more creative work.
  2. The product quality is highly repeatable and consistent, which can greatly reduce the failure rate.
  3. Significantly reduce manufacturing costs. Machine-automated packaging can achieve high productivity in a short period of time, and at the same time, the machine can run continuously, thus significantly reducing manufacturing costs under high-volume production conditions.
  4. The product has high precision. The machine adopts various high-precision guiding, positioning, feeding, adjusting, testing and other components, which can ensure the high precision of product packaging production.
  5. Shorten the manufacturing cycle. Automation shortens the manufacturing cycle of products, enables enterprises to achieve fast delivery, and improves their competitiveness in the market.

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