What Type of Packaging Is Used for Pasta?

What type of packaging is used for pasta? There are many types of pasta packaging, depending on the type of pasta. We can broadly divide pasta into two types: dried pasta and fresh pasta.

pasta packaging

1.Packaging for dried pasta

Packaged dried noodles are usually sold for retail sale. In order to facilitate transportation and sales, usually about 56% of the packaging is manufactured using flow packaging technology, of which 5% are vertical packaging obtained using vertical fill and seal packaging machines, while 40% of the packaging is made of cardboard .

For example:

  • Dried egg pasta is generally flow-packed in a cardboard tray, using flow packaging machines.
  • Filled dried pasta is only packed in stand-up pouch using vertical form fill and seal machines.

2.Packaging for fresh pasta

Because fresh noodles have a short shelf life, therefore, the requirements for packaging are relatively high. Classic pillow bag, flexible stand-up bag or tray. Packaging for fresh pasta must keep the product fresh and intact. When opening the package, the contents must have the same characteristics as the freshly produced product. Therefore, the requirements for packaging are relatively high.

In addition, custom packaging solutions are often required for special types of pasta. Ask us about pasta packaging machine and we can help. Including design and customization of special packaging solutions and production lines to help you improve production efficiency and increase profits.

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