Pasta Packing Machine User Manual

When we go into the supermarket to buy pasta, if we don’t have a particular preference, we will definitely choose the one with the more attractive packaging first. At this time, the pasta packaging machine plays an important role. The following is to share with you the pasta packaging machine user manual.

1.Brief Introduction of Pasta Packing Machine

The pasta packaging machine is suitable for long strip products. It consists of a servo drive, a servo motor and a touch screen. The servo drive has a built-in motion control algorithm for the pillow type packaging machine. It does not need an independent controller. All connections are plug-ins. , Automatic bag making and automatic sealing complete the packaging process. The structure design is compact, and the installation and maintenance are very convenient. It is not only suitable for pasta, but also for dry noodles, rice noodles, etc.

Pasta Packing Machine User Manual

2. Points of use of pasta packaging machine

  • parameter settings

The operation of the whole machine is very simple, fully intelligent operation, no need for debugging. It takes only five minutes to master the installation, maintenance and operation of the equipment. The basic parameters are only the packaging speed and length, and the other parameters can be automatically adjusted by the computer in real time.

  • Packaging range

Regardless of the color mark tracking or fixed length mode, it can be used for packaging lengths ranging from 60mm to 600mm, which can be adjusted arbitrarily, and a larger range can be customized. The shaftless transmission technology is adopted between the three axes without mechanical connection, and each axis is directly decelerated by the servo motor.

  • Cutter automatic speed change

The cutter runs at variable speed, and the speed curve is automatically generated without manual adjustment, which reduces the wear of the mechanical cam.

  • Packaging speed, precision

In the color mark tracking mode, it has faster packaging speed; the high precision of color mark tracking can reach 0.1mm.

  • Prevent empty packages

Regardless of whether the pasta supply is continuous or not, in any case, the system can automatically ensure that there is pasta in each packaging film, preventing empty bags from appearing and reducing the loss of packaging materials.

  • Deviation No cut package

If it is detected that the position of the pasta on the film is shifted, the cutter will stop, and the cutter will automatically resume operation after the pasta is discharged.

The pasta packaging machine designed and developed by our company is easy to operate, has a wide range of packaging, fast speed, high precision, reduces waste of packaging materials, and can be customized according to the special needs of customers. After the product was launched, it was welcomed and recognized by customers.

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