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Pasta weighing machine is a very important part of the pasta packaging process. After weighing, it is packed and printed with a series of processes. The more accurate the weighing, the more packaging costs can be saved for the enterprise.

As a professional packaging machine manufacturer, we have designed and produced different types of weighing equipment for pasta packaging, which can meet the weighing and packaging of different types of pasta.

pasta weighing machine


The length of macaroni is small, so usually we use a multi-head scale packaging machine, which is a combination weighing equipment, which can choose 4 heads, 10 heads, 14 heads, etc. according to production needs.


  1. Simple operation idea: Simplify the complex and make the computer combination scale easier to use.
  2. Multi-threaded interface: While running, you can also modify parameters and view statistical information.
  3. More convenient operation: easy switching of multi-language interface, sensitive touch color LCD screen.
  4. Weighing type material level control: the load cell is used to control the switch signal of the hoist.
  5. The linear vibration force can be adjusted individually, and the weight of each bucket is displayed during operation.
  6. The text + color fan shows the status of each bucket, which is clear at a glance.

2.Long cut pasta

This product requires the use of special automatic metering output equipment, the use of electromagnetic vibration to supply materials, and the flow-controlled secondary metering method, which is accurate in metering. It can be used in connection with the pillow packaging machine. It can realize weighing and packaging of different lengths of pasta and dry noodles.

As a pasta weighing and packaging equipment manufacturer, we provide a variety of customized services to meet the production needs of different customers. Tell us which type of pasta process you want to weigh and pack, and we can recommend custom-made suitable machines for you.

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