Types of Cookie Wrapping Machine

Cookies are a delicious snack that comes in many varieties. In order to meet the packaging needs of different types of cookies, we also provide various types of cookie wrapping machines. There are two types of commonly used cookie wrapping machines.

1.Pillow type packing machine

This packaging machine is suitable for packaging single or multiple cookies. A counting device can be added.

The machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, microcomputer controller control system, PlD digital display intelligent temperature controller, photoelectric detection two-way tracking system, small screen display system and circuit protection system to realize stepless speed change. Automatically track cutting point, accurate temperature control, high packaging precision, intuitive display and safety guarantee. The working principle of this machine is that the packaging roll film enters the former through the packaging film driving roller and is then formed. After the product is sent into the former by the feeding conveyor, it is longitudinally sealed and transversely sealed and cut, and then output by the output machine.

types of cookie wrapping machine

2. Weighing packing machine

This packaging machine packs by weight and is suitable for smaller cookies. 

The high-precision digital weighing sensor makes the measurement instantaneous. The LCD screen operating system in English and other languages can display the weight of each weighing unit in real time to better monitor the working status of the equipment. The weighing accuracy is high and the speed is fast, and the appropriate combination is selected from multiple measurement combinations through high-speed calculation of the microcomputer. The touch screen operation interface sets the hierarchical operation authority, and has the function of data statistics and counting, which can automatically record the packaging quantity, pass rate, single bag error and other performance indicators of each batch of production.

Of course, in addition to these two types of cookie wrapping machines, there are other types of packaging machines that can achieve cookie wrapping. Which one to actually choose depends on the size, weight, and packaging of the cookies. Tell us your needs, we will provide you with customized equipment.

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