Horizontal Brownie Packaging Machine Nitrogen Filling

Model CK-ZS350
Film width Max 350mm
Bag width 50-160mm
Product height Max 45mm
Film diameter 320mm
packing speed 40-230bags/min
Machine size 4020*745*1450mm
Weight 900kg

The horizontal brownie packaging machine is a very widely used packaging equipment, which can be used for packaging various types of cakes. Such as cake, bread, muffins, etc. Nitrogen filling device can be added, which can reduce the damage of brownie during transportation.

Brownie Packaging Machine Structure:

  • Panasonic PLC: PLC intelligent control system, the operation is more stable, and any parameters can be adjusted without stopping.
  • Chinese and English bilingual touch screen control: Human-machine interface, through the intelligent system to control the parameter adjustment of the whole machine, the operation of the machine, and the parameter adjustment are more convenient.
  • Panasonic/Schneider inverter: Three-phase multi-stage speed control, bag length can be set and cut in one step, saving time and film.
  • High-sensitivity cursor eye: Accurately track the color blocks of the roll film, effectively preventing the deviation phenomenon during the roll film process.
  • End seal cutting area: Rotate the constant temperature heat sealing cutter to seal the front and rear ends of the packaged product to avoid curling or holes in the sealing position.

horizontal brownie packaging machine

Brownie Packaging Machine Features:

  • The packaging machine is composed of PLC programming controller, servo motor and touch screen to form the control and driving core. To a large extent, the control accuracy, speed regulation range, reliability and intelligence of the packaging machine are improved.
  • Adopt servo motor drive to realize automatic feeding, film feeding, vertical sealing, horizontal sealing and output. The mechanical transmission system is simplified, the operation of the packaging machine is smooth and reliable, and the noise and failure rate are significantly reduced.
  • Using dual-drive longitudinal sealing heating technology, the longitudinal sealing temperature is low, ensuring that the probability of scalding the film during operation and shutdown is minimized.
  • Users can set the packaging parameters of various products in the control panel. When using, they only need to call up the corresponding data from the memory and execute it, and then the packaging operation can be carried out.

Packaging Materials:

The types of packaging films that can use on this brownie packaging machine are: Heat-sealing film, pvc, OPP, CPP, PET, aluminum-plastic film and other heat-sealing materials.


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