China Pasta Bag Packaging Machine for Sale


Pasta length:
100g~500g: (180mm~260mm)±5.0mm
Noodle thickness:0.6mm~1.4mm
Noodle width:0.8mm~3.0mm
Packing speed:30~60bags/min
Weighting scope:100-1000g


The pasta bag packaging machine automatically completes the weighing, feeding, conveying, filling, sealing and bag cutting of the pasta. The packaging speed is about 15-20 bags per minute, and the conventional packaging specifications are 200g-1000g.


Pasta, stick noodles, etc.

Structural Features of Pasta Packaging Machine for Sale:

  1. Using well-known brand electrical components, English touch screen, PLC control, easy to operate.
  2. The host adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the adjustment range is large; the conveying of the packaging film is controlled by the servo motor, the tangent point is precise, and the adjustment is simple; it has a perfect anti-cutting device, and the safety is high.
  3. The conveying line adopts an integrated structure and has a long service life; it is controlled by a photoelectric switch to reduce the probability of leaking packets.
  4. The weighing machine adopts English touch screen and PLC control, which replaces the traditional separation instrument weighing method. The weighing speed is fast, the measurement accuracy is high, and the operation is intuitive and convenient.

Pasta Bag Packaging Machine Performance Characteristics:

  1. The sealing appearance is optimized and smooth
  2. The pasta packaging system runs stably and smoothly with the lowest failure rate.
  3. New high-speed, high-precision scratch-free feeding conveyor.
  4. High standard safety cover to effectively protect the safety of operators.
  5. Omron PLC program control; Panasonic servo motor drive.
  6. The material is SUS 304 food grade, and all key parts are finely processed by the machining center.

pasta bag packaging machine

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