Flow Pack Muffins Packaging Machine for Sale

According to different package sizes, we will recommend different machine models for customers. Models commonly used in muffin packaging are ZS250, ZS320, ZS350, ZS400, etc


There are many packaging methods for muffins, and we will provide corresponding single or packaging solutions according to the packaging needs of customers. Different requirements for packaging speed require different configurations.


Only One Muffins Packaging Machine:

The users of the single machine are usually small or medium-sized enterprises, which have lower requirements for packaging speed.

Muffins Packaging Machine Features:

  • Main machine frequency conversion speed regulation: The main motor adopts Schneider frequency converter speed regulation, which can be suitable for various packaging materials.
  • Programmable control: the operation of the entire mechanical equipment is programmed.
  • Screen display: The screen setting is simple and intuitive, and the screen operation is convenient.
  • Automatic adjustment of bag length: The length of the bag can be adjusted automatically.
  • Four groups of automatic temperature control: Can improve the sealing quality of bags.
  • Wide applicability: The machine can not only be used to pack different products, but also suitable for different packaging materials.

Muffins Packaging Solution:

The packaging solution is usually a combination of several flow pack muffin packaging machines, and an automatic muffin sorting line is added. Form an automated packaging line. Large output and low labor cost.

Features of Muffin Packaging Solution:

  1. The muffin dispensing system adopts a central integrated control system, which automatically adjusts the dispensing according to the feeding speed and quantity.
  2. Through the sorting unit, the muffin are flexibly shunted, and the queue is arranged.
  3. The material-arranging unit sends the muffins into the packaging system in an orderly and non-damaged manner through servo and PLC control. Realize the transportation of muffins, arrange queuing, automatic feeding, accurate positioning, and no empty bags.
  4. Touch screen man-machine interface, simple operation, humanized design, reduce personnel operation, improve work efficiency. The muffins are automatically sorted to meet the packaging requirements of mass production and ensure the continuity and stability of production.
  5. According to the production capacity, optional multi-level material sorting unit, and the number of packaging machines. (Packaging machine can be selected according to product type)


Muffins Packaging Machine Technical Parameter:

Model CKZS450
Film width Max 450mm
Bag width 50-180mm
Product height Max 80mm
Film diameter 320mm
packing speed 40-230bags/min
Machine size 4020*820*1450mm
Weight 1050kg

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