Horizontal Flow Pack Protein Bar Packaging Machine

Model CKZS250
Film width Max 250mm
Bag width 30-110mm
Product height Max 40mm
Film diameter 320mm
packing speed 40-230bags/min
Machine size 3370*670*1450mm
Weight 800kg

How are protein bars packaged? In order to ensure a good packaging effect and achieve high packaging speed, we usually recommend customers to use a horizontal flow pack machine.

What Is A Flow Pack Machine?

Flow pack machine is a horizontal packing machine, also called pillow-type packing machine because the shape of the finished bag is pillow-like. The machine has good stability, low maintenance cost can be used continuously, and is famous for its high cost performance. No manual intervention is required in the whole packaging process, the packaging process is safe and reliable, and the degree of automation is high.

horizontal flow pack machine

Protein Bar Packaging Machine Work Process:

Before packaging the protein bar, first set the size of the packaging film. The packaging film is sent out by the feeding mechanism, and a cylindrical bag is formed in the bag maker part. Then both ends of the membrane are palm-like. Heat and pressure are applied to both end portions of the film at the sealing portion, and heat sealing is performed. The protein bar are continuously inserted into the tubular film at regular intervals by the supply conveyor provided at the front end of the bag maker. The end sealing device heats the packaged protein bar and its middle film, and at the same time as pressure heat sealing is performed, it is cut by a cutting machine to end the complete packaging process.

Protein Bar Packaging Machine Advantage:

  • The overall design is standardized and integrated. The packaging of different materials can be realized with one machine.
  • High running accuracy. Precision machining actuators such as AC servo motors and computer control (NC), programmable logic controllers (PLC) are selected to manipulate various shapes, so that the accuracy of the entire packaging process is improved.
  • Intelligent system.
  • Select well-known brand spare parts, you can track and adjust various parameters of the machine according to the intelligent control table, touch the menu system on the display screen.

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