Multi-Function Soap Packaging Machine 40-230pieces/h

Model CKZS350X
Bag width 50-160mm
Product height Max 45mm
packing speed 40-230bags/min
Machine size 4020*745*1450mm
Weight 900kg

This soap packaging machine is mainly used for automatic packaging in food, cosmetics, medicine and other industries. The packaging speed and bag length are controlled by double frequency conversion, stepless speed change, wide adjustment range. It can be automatically connected with the previous process of the soap production line through the feeding device. Form an automated soap processing plant.

The soap packaging machine is very suitable for packaging soap bars, using packaging materials: composite packaging materials or single-layer packaging film, must be film roll. The soap feeder is a unit for transferring soap bars from a cutter or extruder into a packaging machine in a single row. it includes:

  • A horizontally connected belt conveyor driven by a servo motor.
  • A horizontal low-speed belt conveyor driven by a servo motor.

Soap Packaging Machine Working Principle:

  1. On-line with soap production equipment, soap goes directly into the feeder.
  2. The feeder evenly conveys the soap to the feeding conveyor belt of the soap packaging machine, and then the soap moves forward under the action of the fork.
  3. The packaging film enters the bag maker through the film feeding roller and is formed, and the soap is sent to the formed packaging film by the feeder.
  4. After being sealed by the longitudinal sealing mechanism, it forms a cylindrical shape.
  5. Then enter the horizontal seal smoothly.
  6. Finally, it is output by the output conveyor belt.

Soap Packaging Machine Features:

  • The bag length does not need to be manually set, and the equipment is automatically detected and set automatically during operation.
  • Double frequency conversion simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance, less wear, long life.
  • Packing speed and bag length are controlled by dual frequency converters. No need to change speed, wide adjustment range, can be used with soap production line.
  • High-sensitivity photo eyes automatically and accurately track.
  • The temperature of each sealing is independently controlled, suitable for a variety of packaging materials, and the sealing is beautiful and firm.
  • Intermittent inflators, gussets and coders can be installed.

soap packaging factory

There are many packaging methods for soap, we can customize the multi-function packaging machines according to your packaging requirements, if you need customized service, please contact us  0086-15515573212

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