Full Servo Wafer Stick Roll Packing Machine

The machine has automatic counting and sorting function, which reduces the breakage rate during the packaging process and increases the packaging speed


Wafer stick roll packaging is diverse, and the number of packaging is also different, common packing quantity from 1-10 pcs. In order to realize different types of packaging, we designed this wafer stick packaging system.

wafer roll packing machine

The wafer roll packaging system consists of an automatic sorting machine, a servo receiving machine, an automatic feeding machine and an automatic wafer roll packaging machine. After the wafer rolls are cooled, the automatic material sorting units are arranged in an orderly manner and sent to the servo receiving unit. Under the action of the feeding mechanism, it is sent to the conveyor belt of the wafer stick packing machine through the upper channel, and then sent to the wafer roll packaging machine for packaging in an orderly manner.

Wafer Roll Packing Machine Advantages:

  • The wafer stick roll production line has a large volume and uninterrupted production. Traditional manual packaging consumes a lot of labor. The automatic packaging line realizes intelligent packaging, liberates a lot of labor, and reduces labor intensity.
  • With menu storage and memory function, the controller can save multiple sets of parameter configurations. When changing products or packaging films, the formula can be used on the touch screen.
  • Advanced electronic cam algorithm, the bag length range is 60mm, the bag length can be set and cut in one step, saving time and film.
  • Advanced electronic anti-cut material, electronic anti-air bag algorithm, empty film stop, saving packaging material.
  • Horizontal sealing, vertical sealing and feeding are all controlled by independent servo motors, with simple mechanical structure, stable operation and low noise.

Wafer roll packing factory

How to determine the quality of the machine? The following points can be considered:

  1. For every action of the operation can not be delayed

Every day, a large number of wafer rolls are packaged into bags within a certain period of time. If there is a delay in the action, it is possible to delay the wafer roll packaging and processing time. The wafer roll packaging machine needs to be set up before the formal operation, and it is controlled according to the quantity and speed of each package, and the corresponding frequency is matched.

  1. The running process is always in a quiet and stable state

The performance of the machine should be stable and quiet without too much noise. If the sound decibel of the packaging machine is too high, it is not conducive to the operator’s work.

  1. High measurement accuracy can ensure processing speed

The wafer stick packing machine needs to complete the packaging of different types of products, and the performance of the machine cannot be affected by the type of product.

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