What Is Food Packaging Process?

What is food packaging process?

The food packaging process is the process of wrapping food with packaging films or bags. Easy to store and easy to transport.

What is the purpose of food packaging?

Protect food and prevent it from being damaged by biological, chemical, physical and other external factors during the circulation process from the factory to the consumer. It also has the function of maintaining the stable quality of the food itself, which is convenient for food consumption. And it can first express the appearance of food, attract consumers, and have value other than material cost. Therefore, the food packaging process is also an inseparable part of the food manufacturing system engineering. But the versatility of the food packaging process makes it have a relatively independent self-system.

What problems should we pay attention to in food packaging process?

1.Understand the characteristics of the food itself and the protection conditions it requires

Research and master the packaging performance, application scope and conditions of packaging materials.

2. Research and master the packaging performance, application scope and conditions of packaging materials.

Only by understanding the packaging performance of various packaging materials, can we choose materials that can protect the flavor and quality of food and reflect its commodity value according to the protection requirements of packaged food.

3.Master the relevant packaging technology methods

In addition to selecting suitable packaging materials, suitable packaging techniques should also be used.

4.Research and understand the market positioning and circulation conditions of commodities.

The market positioning of the commodity, the mode of transportation, and the climate and geographical conditions of the circulation area are the factors that must be considered in the design of food packaging.

What are the tools for food packaging?

There are many types of food packaging machines. According to the characteristics and packaging requirements of different products, different packaging machines are required to complete the packaging process. Pillow type food packaging machine is a very commonly used one. Because its packaging range is very wide, it can be used for different types and sizes of product packaging, and also suitable for different packaging materials.

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