Energy Bar Packaging Material

There are many kinds of energy bar packaging material, among which composite packaging film is commonly used. But for the packaging requirements of different customers, the choice of packaging materials is also different. The selection of packaging materials usually follows the following principles.

  • Correspondence principle

Because the energy bar has high, medium and low grades according to the applicable scope and place. Different grades of energy bars will choose different grades of materials or designs for packaging, which is the principle of correspondence.

  • Principles of suitability

Different varieties and different characteristics require different protection functions. When selecting packaging materials, it must be ensured that it should be suitable for the characteristics of the product and the different circulation conditions of the circulation link. Moisture-proof, pressure-proof, light-proof, odor-proof, mildew-proof, etc. required by food characteristics. Climate and environmental conditions include temperature, humidity, temperature difference, humidity difference, air pressure, composition of gas in the air, etc. Circulation factors include transportation distance, transportation mode (people, vehicles, ships, planes, etc.) and road conditions. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the packaging requirements of different countries, different nationalities and different regions to adapt to the market and customer acceptance.

  • Principles of economy

Packaging materials should also consider their own economics. According to the characteristics, quality and grade of the food to be packaged, the factors of design, production and advertising are considered comprehensively, and the production is carried out to achieve low cost.

  • Scientific principles

How to choose packaging materials scientifically depends on factors such as market, function and consumption. The principle of selection should be based on science and practice, and should be based on processing requirements and processing equipment conditions; according to the characteristics of consumer psychology and market demand; According to environmental requirements; According to the price and the function is suitable; according to the special requirements of the operator and the user, the material is reasonably selected.

The selection of packaging equipment is closely related to packaging materials, as well as market positioning. The same food can often use different packaging methods to achieve similar packaging functions and effects, but the packaging costs will be different.

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