Automatic Single Cookie Packaging Machine High Speed

wide range of uses, easy to operate, long service life, can pack up to 10 inch cookies. The price is about $7,000-$13,000.


What machines are used for packaging cookies? There are professional automatic cookie packaging machine to complete this process.

Single Cookie Packaging Machine Composition and Function:

Sorting: Manually pour the cookie into the material-arranging mechanism, and the material-arranging mechanism will automatically arrange the biscuits and arrange them into a single, orderly feeding.

Conveyor belt: There is a push block device on the conveyor belt, which pushes the sorted cookie to the conveyor belt one by one to automatically transport the cookie.

Packaging film clamping mechanism: The packaging film clamping device covers the packaging film, and then clamps it to determine the width of the packaging film.

Pinch roller: The packaging film is compressed by the pinch roller to prevent the film from deviating during conveying.

Power roller: The power roller is a device for conveying the film, which can be driven by a variable frequency electrical appliance to control the film travel distance of the packaging film.

Film inlet regulating roller: This is to adjust the height and width of the packaging film after it is made into a bag.

Bag maker: This is to make the packaging film into a bag.

Longitudinal sealing mechanism: The longitudinal sealing mechanism is divided into a film pulling wheel, a hot-melt longitudinal sealing device, and a curing device wheel. The film pulling wheel is responsible for pulling the packaging film to the longitudinal sealing device, the hot-melt longitudinal sealing device heat-melts the packaging film on both sides, and the curing device wheel solidifies the packaging film to prevent the packaging film from being pulled apart.

Finishing belt: The sorting belt is used to sort the cookie in the packaging bag to prevent the cookie from going off-track or the packaging bag being too high.

Photoelectric sensor: The photoelectric sensor feeds back the light spot on the packaging film to the PLC, and then cuts the packaging bag according to the light spot.

Horizontal seal cutting mechanism: Through the light spot, automatically determine the cutting position of the packaging bag, and then automatically output the cookie.

Brush: After the cookie are output if the bag is not cut off, a brush is required to automatically output the cookie and take them away automatically.

Single cookie packing machine details

Why Choose The Automatic Packaging Machine?

  1. Multiple usage: The use of automatic packaging machines is very extensive, and can basically be satisfied with the use of the food industry in the market, and can bring better protection to enterprises.
  2. Usage: In the process of using, the automatic packaging machine can basically complete many processes at one time. It can effectively realize automation and set unmanned operation.
  3. Efficient: There are many high-efficiency automatic packaging machines on the market, the maximum speed can reach 230 bags/min, and the output is large, which is dozens of times that of manual packaging.

Single Cookie Packaging Machine Maintenance:

Cleaning, tightening, adjusting, lubricating, anti-corrosion. In the daily production process, each machine maintenance personnel should do, according to the maintenance manual and maintenance procedures of the machine, strictly carry out various maintenance work within the specified period, reduce the wear rate of parts, eliminate hidden dangers of failure, and prolong the use of the cookie packaging machine.


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