Automatic Feeding Small Energy Bar Packaging Machine

The packaging line can add automatic feeding machine, counting machines, etc. according to the customer’s packaging materials and packaging requirements. The actual price is subject to the final solution.


What machines are used for packaging energy bar? There is a professional high speed energy bar packaging machine. The machine is a typical mechatronic product, and the whole system includes mechanical transmission, electronic heating, and color mark positioning control.

This small bar packaging machine is widely used in the food industry and meets the needs of modern industry. It takes packaging film as the processing object and can pack noodles, biscuits and other products. It has a great attraction for improving economic efficiency and improving the hygienic quality of energy bars, so it is more and more widely used. The bar packaging machine can be configured with an automatic feeding system to form an automated packaging system.

Energy bar packing line

Energy Bar Packaging Machine Structural Features:

  • The automatic energy bar feeding line is composed of a pulling distance conveyor, a sinking conveyor, an automatic sorting unit and an automatic packaging machine.
  • There is a separation device on the conveying platform and the material handling unit to ensure that the energy bar is completely separated and non-sticking before packaging. Achieve the effect of continuous and orderly production, low scrap rate and beautiful packaging.
  • The packing speed of a single line can reach 80-150 packs/min.
  • The whole line adopts 220V 50HZ power supply, and the total power of is about 16KW.

Small Bar Packaging Machine Advantage:

  • The system is equipped with an automatic separation device to separate the slightly adhered energy bars. It is also equipped with an automatic tidying device, and an automatic conveying deviation correction device is optional.
  • The energy bars are arranged neatly, and they enter the material sorting unit in an orderly manner to achieve stable material transportation, positioning, and high-speed stability.
  • The belt of the energy bar sorting machine can be quickly disassembled and assembled without tools, and a slag groove is connected under the belt and at the interface, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning, saving time and effort.
  • The overall structure is simple, the operation is simple, the cleaning is convenient, and the maintenance is convenient. The replacement and adjustment of energy bars of different specifications is easy and the parameter setting is simple.
  • The control system adopts high-quality electrical components, intelligent PLC control, touch screen display, good man-machine interface, simple, intuitive and convenient operation.

Packing Line Application:

Mainly for puffed food, it is required that the production line can continuously feed, and the products are completely cut. Besides energy bar, also suitable for chocolate bar, protein bar, peanut candy, nougat, etc.


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