Automatic Spaghetti Noodles Bundle Packing Machine

Application: long spaghetti noodles, stick noodles, dry noodles


Spaghetti bundle is the first step in the packaging of spaghetti noodles. It groups and bundles the spaghetti before flow wrapping.

Spaghetti Bundle Packing Machine Features:

  • Using well-known brand electrical components and motors, the work is stable, the measurement speed is fast, and the measurement accuracy is high.
  • All parts in contact with the spaghetti noodles are made of stainless steel.
  • Only one person can realize the automation of spaghetti noodle bundling, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.
  • According to customer needs, we can provide single paper tape bundling and double paper tape bundling.
  • We can design the spaghetti packaging solution according to your front-end noodle production machine and factory layout.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a spaghetti packaging machine.

Automatic Spaghetti packing machine

Spaghetti Bundle Packing Machine Technical Parameter:

  • Measurement object: long stick noodles, spaghetti noodles
  • Noodle length: 200g~500g:(200mm~240mm); 500g~1000g:(220mm~240mm)
  • Measurement range: 200g~1000g
  • Packing speed: 20~40 packs/min
  • Measuring speed and accuracy: There are differences due to the quality and packaging of the noodles.

Spaghetti Bundle Packing Machine Manufacturer Service:

Pre-sales advice:

  • If you are interested in our spaghetti packing machine, we will provide you with detailed information. You can consult by email, phone, whatsapp and other channels to learn more about our machines.
  • We can design the equipment for your product according to your requirements.

After-sales service:

  • When you receive the machine, we will arrange professionals to guide you how to use the machine and the relevant precautions.
  • All machines produced by our company are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, if there is a non-human failure of the machine, our company will bear the maintenance cost.

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