Fruit Packing Machine- Automatic Packing System

Model CK-ZS600
Bag width 50-280mm
Product height Max 80mm
packing speed 40-230bags/min
Machine size 4020*1000*1470mm
Weight 1050kg

Automatic packing systems make fruit packaging easier and faster. The system can realize the packaging of fruits with and without trays according to actual needs.

Fruit Packing Machine Operating Procedures:

Manually put fruit into input conveyor at workbench- automatic wrapping- bag forming- horizontal sealing and cutting- finished product output- enter the rotary catch tray

Fruit Packing Machine Features:

  • There are four sets of independent temperature controllers for the vertical and horizontal sealing cutters. The Omron brand is adopted, and the temperature can be adjusted directly and independently.
  • Reciprocating cutter structure, the sealing movement time is prolonged, the sealing is firm, and the synchronous movement of the fruit can be tracked for sealing and cutting. The maximum height of the fruit is 80mm.
  • The input and output parts are made of 304# stainless steel, which is convenient for cleaning, has a long service life, and prevents rust and aging.
  • Electronic transverse sealing adjustment technology, the height of transverse sealing cutter can be controlled by microcomputer, and the operation is simple and flexible.
  • The fruit packing machine adopts servo AC motor to control the conveying input, film feeding roller, reciprocating middle belt and transverse sealing cutter independently. So as to make the control accurate and stable, and realize automatic length detection, bag making, sealing, cutting and output packaging.
  • The machine adopts humanized design. When the worker does not place the fruit, the machine stops. When the fruit is detected, the machine starts automatically. There is no empty bag, which greatly saves the cost of consumables.
  • It is easy to operate when changing fruits with different widths, just rotate the knob on the KT bag maker to complete the adjustment.
  • Food-grade PU material conveyor belt, long-term use without deformation, acid and alkali resistance, high wear resistance.

automatic packing system

This automatic packing system is the first choice of many fruit and vegetable processors, after the fruit is selected, cleaned, air-dried and other pretreatment actions, it is packaged and sold, which effectively improves the aesthetics of the product.

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