Chocolate Wafer Biscuit Packing Machine Suppliers

Model CK-ZS350
Bag width 50-160mm
Product height Max 45mm
packing speed 40-230bags/min
Machine size 4020*745*1450mm
Weight 900kg

Wafer Biscuit Packing Machine Working Principle:

The wafer biscuit packing machine is driven by a stepless frequency conversion motor, and the V-belt drives the tooth chain to rotate. The derailleur obtains different operating rates according to the shifting of the drive chain. The setting of the packaging film output can be operated on the gear chain speed regulating motor. Optical tracking color code to supervise the whole process of packaging. In addition, the transmission drives the chain to drive the conveying belt, the film pulling wheel, the pressing wheel, and the horizontal sealing knife to complete the packaging of the wafer biscuits. The conveyor belt automatically sends the wafer biscuits to the packaging part, which are packaged in the film and then heated to form. Send it to the horizontal seal cutting knife to break the hot-melt horizontal seal. The packaged wafer biscuits are then output by the conveyor belt.

Chocolate Wafer Packing Machine Features:

  1. Simple, scientific, convenient, easy to maintain, easy to clean, easy to dismantle and replace, it only takes ten minutes to adjust the newly installed equipment. A flow packing chocolate wafer packing machinecan automatically pack wafer biscuits of various specifications. It can adjust the sealing and cutting position on the touch screen without turning off the machine, and the correction device can automatically display the common faults of the machine on the touch screen.
  2. Stable performance, our wafer biscuit packing machineequipment is equipped with international and Chinese well-known brand components, the equipment failure rate is low, and it can help you package products efficiently.
  3. The welding level can be seamlessly spliced, leveled and bright. The frame is made of 304 stainless steel, and the steel plate of the chassis can be 5-7mm. The machine and equipment are firm and durable.

The wafer biscuit packing machine can be used in conjunction with the material sorting line to realize the fully automated operation of material sorting, arrangement and packaging, helping enterprises to reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

chocolate wafer packing machine

Sorting Line Advantages:

  1. Fully automatic feeding(Docking with the production line, no need to manually place biscuits or transfer biscuit)
  2. Multi-group structure, sufficient supply of packaging materials, avoid empty bags, and do not waste packaging film.
  3. Interact with the packaging machine control system to achieve full automation without manual control of the packaging machine.
  4. Fast speed, up to 260 packs/min.

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