Packing Machine for Sweets- Candy Packaging Equipment

Model CK-ZS250
Bag width 30-110mm
Product height Max 40mm
Film diameter 320mm
packing speed 40-230bags/min
Machine size 3370*670*1450mm
Weight 800kg

Candy packaging equipment is a kind of flow wrap machine. It is a machine specially used for sweets packaging, which is very practical. It is widely used by various sweets manufacturers.

Application of Packing Machine for Sweets:

Suitable for single, multiple sweet packaging; or single-grain, multi-grain packaging of similar packaging.

Candy Packaging Equipment Composition:

  • Sealing and cutting system: The system consists of horizontal sealing knives (upper and lower) and vertical sealing knives (left and right). Its function is to package the candies horizontally and vertically.
  • Heating system: The system needs to heat the horizontal sealing knife and the vertical sealing knife, and control the temperature. A thermometer is used to collect and control the temperature of the sealing and cutting knife.
  • Frequency conversion speed regulation system: The frequency converter drives the cross-cutting knife to achieve the purpose of sealing and cutting, and its speed determines the packaging speed of the machine.
  • Longitudinal sealing feeding system: The longitudinal sealing feeding system is coordinated by the servo-driven feeding system and the cross-cutting feeding system. According to the technical indicators such as the bag length of the packaging film, it can accurately feed the film and meet the requirements of accurate sealing and cutting (cross-cutting to the color mark position of the packaging film ).
  • Electrical control system: The power supply adopts a single 220V/50Hz power supply, and the electrical system of the host is mainly composed of PLC, inverter, servo system, man-machine interface, etc.


Features of Packing Machine for Sweets:

  1. The sweets bag length does not need to be set manually, it will automatically identify and set the machine equipment automatically during the whole process of operation.
  2. The mechanical system of the soft starter is simple, convenient for maintenance, less wear and longer life.
  3. The main control circuit is designed with single chip microcomputer, the touch screen is clear, the soft starter is operated, centralized, vivid and convenient.
  4. Packing rate and bag length are controlled by dual soft starters. There is no need to change the speed, and the adjustment range is wide, which can be consistent with the previous processing technology of the production line.
  5. High-sensitivity color mark sensor enables fully automatic and precise tracking.
  6. Each sealing temperature can be controlled separately, suitable for a variety of packaging film, and the sealing is beautiful, generous and sturdy.
  7. Ability to install intermittent inflation equipment, gusset equipment and inkjet printers.

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