Swiss Roll Packing Machine- Chocolate Roll Packaging Machine


The packaging of swiss rolls requires good hygiene, so we have developed this automated swiss roll packaging system. The system consists of finishing conveying unit, sinking unit, receiving unit, turning unit, sorting unit, swiss roll packing machine, identification system. The swiss rolls are separated into rows by separation on the finishing unit, the sinking unit feeds the swiss roll into the feeding unit by moving up and down, and then by the special double-belt steering unit, the separation mechanism turns the swiss roll to separate a single swiss roll. The swiss roll is fed into the swiss roll packing machine in an orderly, smooth and non-damaged manner through the servo-arranging tailstock unit to complete the packaging.

Chocolate Roll Packaging Machine Application:

Suitable for automatic packaging of soft bread, egg yolk pie, Swiss roll, chocolate roll, wafer, etc.

chocolate roll packaging machine application

Chocolate Roll Packaging Machine Features:

  1. Can be seamlessly connected with the production line.
  2. It is suitable for front-end incoming materials in an orderly arrangement.
  3. Suitable for two or more packaging machines with one main conveyor line.
  4. Can be equipped with an automatic blocking device.
  5. Optional suction cup feeding is connected to the front-end production line.
  6. Optional pneumatic automatic correction device.
  7. All belts can be quickly disassembled and assembled without tools.
  8. Compared with other sorting methods, it saves space.

swiss roll packing machine factory

Swiss Roll Packing Machine Solution Advantage:

  • The system realizes the interactive operation through the touch screen and the embedded PLC, realizes the intelligent control of the whole machine, configures the product menu function, and the product adjustment is convenient and quick.
  • The system adopts servo drive control system to ensure the stability and reliability of the packaging machine, completely avoid empty packaging and reduce waste.
  • The conveyor belt of the whole machine adopts cantilever frame design, which is simple and convenient to install, disassemble, clean, and meets the user’s requirements for production hygiene management.
  • The packing machine is equipped with a number of safety protection measures, including leakage protection, emergency stop function, fault shutdown protection, protective cover, warning lights, etc.

In addition, we can customize the corresponding packaging solution according to your materials and packaging requirements. And single machine is also ok.

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